Packaging with a secondary seal

Co-extruded film with 9 layers, containing a polyamide structure, EvOH and a special sealing layer for protection against highly contaminated surfaces. A medium to high barrier against oxygen. It is provided per thousands of units. Triple seal bags, ranging from 60 to 90 microns. Please consult the most popular sizes. This film competes against retractile film (heat shrink). It adapts to the edges of proteins and prevents any loss of vacuum, even if there are slight punctures in certain parts of the packaging. Keeps liquids confined within the protein. It is recommended for protein containing bone or gristle depending on your sizing requirements. These products may be found under the inventory. If your requirement needs to be personalized, we must process the order beforehand. Please enquire about printing options.

  • Packing
Type of format
  • Rolls
  • Excellent thermoforming
  • Specially for bases
  • Barrier characteristics
Group companies that produce them
  • Plastilene S.A.S - Soluciones de Película
Production country
  • Colombia