Extrusion Cast

Film and Sheets Multi-layer Extrusion

In this process we combine up to 5 layers of plastic resin to produce flexible and semi-stiff film between 20 to 500 microns in thickness. During production, the specific mix of polymers for each layer are fed to the extruders, where the materials compress and cast to be fed to a flat matrix, which delivers a curtain of cast plastic that is cooled and then stretched by a roller that is refrigerated using water, to “freeze” the film. It is then moved down to the lower reels, where the borders are cut, a crown treatment is applied (if it is required in the manufacturing process in the form of printing or casing) and the film is wrapped into rolls.
Our line also allows us to use in-line MDO units to stretch the film towards the machine, which adds enhanced properties such as a lower caliber, including greater stiffness, high transparency and shine, easy-tear, barriers against gas and less elongation length-wise, amongst others.