Blown Film Extrusion

Multi-layer Extrusion of Film and Sheets

In this process we combine between 3 and 17 layers of plastic materials to produce flexible, semi-stiff and stiff structures ranging between 20 and 500 microns in thickness. During production, mixtures of polymers for each layer are fed into the extruders, which in turn, compress and melt the materials, delivering them to a round mold. The melted plastic expands via air blow-molding, which creates a bubble, the bubble is pulled upwards and then it is cooled time and time again to obtain a solid film with the desired width and thickness. The bubble is forced to collapse by pull rolls and guide rolls that deliver the film to the winding units to produce rolls of plastic film with specific characteristics.
Our multi-layer lines of extrusion have brought us to the fore in the industry, which – alongside the training that our personnel have received – allows us to adapt the structure of the film to the needs of the market. This means that we create well-balanced designs with regards to mechanical properties and superficial and optical characteristics. We also use technology that allows us to diminish the consumption of material by reducing the caliber or density of the material. This is used in a wide range of applications through the injection of inert gases.