Sheet structures for FFS

Film that is co-extruded or assembled with two layers, presented in the form of a tubular reel that is either padded or contains bellows, it can contain a seal on the front or on the side. The characteristics of the size and functions should be consulted beforehand. A range of barriers can be provided including low to high barriers against oxygen and humidity. It is recommended for dry products, pellets, granules or pasty products (high viscosity). Printing can be provided for the inside of the external layer. The caliber of the film ranges between 110 and 190 microns and it can contain products that weigh between 5 and 30 kilograms, depending on the density of the product.

  • Packing
Type of format
  • Rolls
  • Variety of formulations and layers
Group companies that produce them
  • Plastilene S.A.S - Soluciones de Película
Production country
  • Colombia