Liners for big bags

Co-extruded film, in the form of a tubular reel that may be padded or contain bellows. It may contain a seal on the front or side, or may be provided in the form of individual units. The characteristics of the size and functions should be consulted beforehand. It does not require a specific barrier but may be formulated to contain the barrier required by the client. It is recommended for dry products, pellets or granules. The caliber of the film ranges between 60 and 100 microns. It covers an array of products, depending on the density of the product. This is the primary form of packaging of another more mechanically resistant film.

  • Packing
Type of format
  • Rolls
  • Units
  • High barriers
  • A variety of formulations and calibers
Group companies that produce them
  • Plastilene S.A.S - Soluciones de Película
Production country
  • Colombia